Alvarez Wisely Vacates Title, Critics Crucify

Oh Dan Rafael.  Sometimes you have such great, insightful comments.  Sometimes the stuff you say is common sense.  And other times…well, keep it to yourself.


“What @Canelo says: ‘I was born ready.’ What he means: ‘I was born ready to fight GGG but not until he’s old.’ #GiveThePeopleWhatTheyWant

What @GGGBoxing says: ‘I will fight anybody at 160.’ What he means: ‘I will fight anybody at 160.'”


No need to translate for me, Dan.  Do you wanna know why Canelo has been advised and probably feels himself that it’s a smart decision not to take a fight with the best 160 pound fighter in boxing?  Well, it’s because he fights at 155.  –NONOHEFOUGHTCOTTOANDKHANHEHASTOFIGHTGOLOVKINNOW–

Whoah, calm it down.  Cotto was more like 147.  Khan?  He couldn’t even handle Cotto.  So why is he choosing not to fight the scariest puncher in boxing, at a class above where he normally fights?  Because it would be detrimental to his career in every way.  No matter how many eloquently inflammatory twitter posts you put up, he’s gonna keep dominating the best at 154, winning tons of money, impressing tons of fans, and keeping his career intact.  Too bad fans don’t judge you as harshly when you’re asked to step up and adopt a controversial position in a debate.  You’d have been gone back when people were calling for Pac-Mayweather.  Guess what you said?  Pac wins all day, Mayweather is scared.  Guess what happened?  Mayweather did what everyone knew he would, and what real fans knew he would’ve done years earlier, assuming Pacquiao wasn’t on steroids.  But hey, in the end, the Mexican pharmacy was better, right?  Now Mayweather is the icon of modern boxing, even as an inactive fighter, and Pacquiao is a brain-damaged mess with a compromised record.  But hey, who’s History to argue with the great Dan Rafael?


I salute Alvarez for his wise, brave decision.  He’s looking after his best interests as a fighter, and that actually is what some people want.  Dan, on the other hand, is doing what he’s always done, adopting the most popular and tweet-provoking stance.  Give the readers what they want, Dan, not Donald Trump-style hashtags.


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