Pacquiao’s Final Opponent

Pacquiao is expected to announce his next and final opponent on this Friday’s TruTV fight card.  Tim Bradley Jr., one of the three and possibly the least interesting option for Pacquiao, will be serving as special guest commentator for the broadcast and is rumored to be the final choice.  If the rumors are true, fans will get a much less interesting and relevant fight, but Pacquiao will secure his legacy with a win over a known fighter.  Allegations that alternate opponent Terence Crawford isn’t yet pay-per-view material are conjecture at best.  Having defeated three top lightweights with rarely seen technical superiority, and being undefeated, the only thing holding Crawford back is his weight class.  Pacquiao and Roach might claim that Khan and Bradley command more star power, but that’s only true in terms of how often their names have come up in conversations about matchups with top fighters.  Both have come up repeatedly in discussions of potential opponents for Mayweather or Pacquiao, and Bradley even landed two fights with Pacquiao, but in most fight fans’ eyes he failed miserably in both attempts, and Khan’s buzz has declined drastically since his peak in popularity.  Friday’s broadcast will give us the answer.

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