De la Hoya’s “Scathing” Letter

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Source: Oscar De La Hoya rips Floyd Mayweather Jr. in scathing letter

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One thought on “De la Hoya’s “Scathing” Letter

  1. I’m a little surprised De la Hoya would write something like this. It doesn’t really sound like his words, but if they are, I suppose it’s a well-placed publicity message. He strategically mentions Alvarez twice (a fighter he promotes) and gives the Cotto fight the label of “monster fight.” Aside from that, it seems a little petty.
    Don’t get me wrong, when I watched De la Hoya walk undeterred through Floyd’s jabs and flail away, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see Mayweather go down. Even more so, when Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton, who, I’m sure De la Hoya would argue, wasn’t of Mayweather’s caliber. At this point, though, Mayweather has fought, and by the way, beaten, all the reasonable opponents. Cotto, who De la Hoya was so eager to point out, is still touted as being near his peak almost four years later, so certainly he should count as one of the great fighters Mayweather took on in their prime. He was beaten comprehensively, and in that fight, Mayweather DID take risks, and did show impressive offense. In the fight against another of De la Hoya’s examples, Shane Mosley, Mayweather played his no-risk game right up until the moment Mosley landed a clean shot worthy of the name “Sugar.” That was the last clean shot he took from Mosley, despite the fact that he very pointedly stood in front of Mosley countering and landing hard shots to discourage him from coming forward. I’m sure Oscar would argue with the term “reasonable” and cite all the out-of-reach opponents he stepped up to, but you know what? I don’t think Mayweather’s legacy would be a bit more impressive if he had naively announced after fighting Pacquiao that he was going to fight Gennady Golovkin and Andre Ward. He would have made a ton of money, been knocked out, and everyone would have criticized him for the losses. De la Hoya lost almost all those fights he mentioned where he stepped up, and he sure as hell lost when he fought Pacquiao. That fight forced him into retirement and may have permanently affected his health. When Mayweather fought Pacquiao? A one-sided domination all night.


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