Tuesday night fights?  Apparently so, as last nights PBC broadcast featured a set of great match ups including an intensely dramatic seesaw battle between defending champion Moises Flores and Luis Emmanuel Cusolito.  The fight was a test of heart for both fighters as the action went strong all the way to the knockout in the twelfth round.  The fight began with both fighters showing aggression and ring generalship, with Cusolito using range more effectively and throwing punches more accurately than Flores was able, narrowly winning the first few rounds.  The punch output was high for both men, averaging about 70 punches per round, and as Flores’ glancing blows gradually got closer to the mark, and his body work started to add up, Cusolito’s accuracy began to fade.  By the late rounds, probably rounds six through ten, the fighters were going punch for punch, with one or the other throwing an eye-catching flurry from time to time that would win the round.  Cusolito started to take Flores’ hardest shots in the championship rounds, with the body shots being especially effective.  The buildup from the previous rounds only heightened the glory of the last-round knockout, with Flores successfully defending his interim championship.  It does sound a little less glorious with that interim qualifier in there, but it was great nonetheless.  Actually, I had to look up on Wikipedia what an interim championship is to even understand what had happened.  It’s a little confusing, but I guess the point of interim champions is just to have “championship” fights more often even when a current champion is dragging his feet.  The multiple belts may detract from the prestige and legitimacy of boxing overall, but the individual fights can still be great, and this was one of ’em.

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