Objectively Subjective

I think every boxing fan likes to attribute qualities to certain fighters based on our interpretation of their personalities.  Sometimes we want the close decision to go to the guy who wasn’t as effective, just because we don’t like the other guy.  Grantland has put together a great article analyzing the top most-hated boxers and their personalities.  Among them are great examples of loudmouths, outside-the-ring villains, and just plain frustrating fighters, as well as an arguably perfect ranking system.


Two of my favorites are the video of Tyson Fury punching himself in the face, which we would all like to see more of, and a shot from the infamous interview with gold-grilled Adrien Broner.  The best example of bias interfering with my own judgment has to be the fight between DC-native Lamont Peterson and the much-reviled Amir Khan.  Khan had just recently abandoned his technique in favor of showy combinations that he hoped would sway the judges when his punches had little effect, and his claims of supremacy were only increasing.  Peterson rallied with such heart in the last couple rounds, taking control from what would surely have been a decision loss, that the inspirational performance sent the crowd into a frenzy that actually did sway the hometown judges, who awarded the decision to Peterson.

Mayweather-Maidana II is coming up in two days, so check out my prediction and comment when you can.

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