Judges Get it Right

Who would have thought? After the recent rash of poorly judged and poorly officiated fights we finally managed to see an important fight resolved legitimately.  As I expected, Marquez was game and looked impressive against Bradley, but his style limited his punch output and his aggression to the point that Bradley won most rounds on activity alone.  Usually, Bradley landed the more solid punches because of his hand speed and accuracy, and usually he was caught with fewer flush punches because of his defense.  Marquez is still a great opponent, possibly the best opponent, for Manny Pacquiao, but his style is ineffective against opponents like Bradley and Mayweather, whose speed and agility make them less susceptible to counterpunching and harder to avoid.  In the future, HBO expects to see both Marquez and Bradley look for Pacquiao, but Bradley will also have the option of the up and coming Mike Alvarado if he beats Provodnikov, or another exciting rematch if Provodnikov prevails.  I think eventually Bradley may look for Mayweather, but if he’s smart, he’ll wait til he’s ready to close out his career.

Speaking of poorly officiated, Povetkin performed admirably while an uncomfortable Wladimir Klitschko leaned on him and tied up for twelve rounds, but the right man won the fight.  Can we say the same about the latest Chavez Jr. debacle?  Brian Vera is no superstar but he may have done enough to win on points over the a lackluster Chavez Jr.  The judges didn’t seem to notice Vera was in the ring that night.

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