The Only Difference That I see…is You Are Exactly the Same as You Used to Be

Mayweather dominated Alvarez like all his other recent opponents without any of the difficulties I anticipated.  Even with his incredible ability and formidable technique, Alvarez looked helpless for most of every round.  A single, misguided judge, C.J. Ross, stepped down after scoring the fight a draw.  I am very pleased to see that something significant came of this most egregious error in scoring from an experienced official.  The last comparable robbery I can recall is the Williams-Lara debacle which resulted in a precedent-setting suspension of all three judges.  It’s possible that, without major symbolic victories such as these, more bad decisions would be swept under the rug in the future.  After such a one-sided fight with the opponent everyone expected to be the only worthy competitor, the question for Mayweather is no longer who next, but who’s left?  I suppose fans could still be convinced to get excited about a just-past-prime Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, but because of promotional conflicts that fight still seems unrealistic, as does a showdown with Martinez, which I wouldn’t expect to have a very different result from the Alvarez fight.

Tonight’s HBO broadcast should prove to be worth watching as the powerful if somewhat unrefined Brian Vera takes on the undisciplined Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  I expect Vera’s defense to prove insufficient as Chavez will fall back on his physical ability to carry him through the fight and score enough points to win a decision, or possibly even score a late knockout.

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