Showtime Showdown


I think almost every boxing fan is pretty much just counting down to Mayweather and Canelo at this point, as indicated by my countdown widget on the right. Maybe you’re more interested in the Mathysse-Garcia fight than the main event, but still, that night is the one that matters in the foreseeable future. It may just be another test for Mayweather, but personally, I still expect it to be his toughest yet. Canelo has always seemed to me to have almost unlimited potential because of his size and physical abilities. He’s been honing the skills that can make those abilities especially dominant in preparation for this fight.  I think most boxing fans expect it won’t be enough to defeat a living legend in Mayweather, but then again, the aging legend might age just a few years faster during this next test.

I stand by my prediction in that Canelo won’t have enough to win, but also in that Mayweather will be forced to show his less famous advantages, such as his chin and his punching power.  But here’s the part of this post that doesn’t read like every other blog entry on Mayweather-Canelo: without these tools, I actually believe Mayweather would lose this fight.  I don’t think Mayweather’s speed and defensive style, coupled with his accuracy and counterpunching ability, are enough to beat this young gun.  I say Canelo brings more bullets to the O.K. Corral even if Mayweather’s faster on the draw.  At his age, it’s only a matter of time, probably only a fight or two, before top-level competitors start taking years off Mayweather’s career.  Boxing’s metaphorical high noon will be one hell of a showdown, one that sees both sides pushed to their limits.  And when the dust has settled, the sheriff might be outta bullets.

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