Megafight Maximized

On September 14th, not only will we see the best possible showdown in boxing, but the card now includes a co-feature that could easily garner pay-per-view audiences on its own.  The championship challenge that Lucas Mathysse has been posturing for these past few years has finally become a reality in his match against the transitory Danny Garcia.  Garcia’s knockout win over Amir Khan was exciting and long overdue, but it catapulted him into a level of competition for which he was simply not prepared.  In each fight since he won the championship, Garcia has struggled to survive.  Even against the long-since faded former stars Erik Morales and Zab Judah, Garcia was not spectacular.  Mathysse was more off-the-radar than his skills would suggest until he beat Mike Dallas Jr.  Until that point, Mathysse’s only notable victory was over Devon Alexander.  Finally, Lamont Peterson signed a match against Mathysse after an impressive knockout win over Kendall Holt.  The stage was set for an exciting fight between two talented athletes, but the fight never made it past act one, as Mathysse dismantled Peterson with power shots early in the fight.  Garcia’s willingness to trade and unconventional defensive techniques will make his match against Mathysse interesting for as long as it lasts, but make no mistake, Garcia’s style is tailor-made for an athletic power-puncher.  He takes two to give one, he throws wide shots and his defense has holes.  Mathysse will destroy Garcia in an exciting aperitif for the main event between Mayweather and Alvarez.  September 14th will unquestionably be one of the most important nights in boxing of 2013. 

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