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Manny Pacquiao wasn’t as aware of himself and his opponent as usual and the result is clear.  His formerly superior physical gifts are starting to fade, and his technical skill never matched that of his long-time rival, who, at age 39, proved he’s always been the better boxer.

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2 thoughts on “Un-conscious

  1. WOW! Wutta Shot! Just the other day I said to my Pops, I have a feeling Manny could get caught. All he and Roach talked about up to the fight was a knockout, how they needed to win by ko, 1, Never look for a ko against a Mexican fighter, I think they’re born with Iron Chins. 2. Dont look for ko against the most brilliant counter puncher in the game-Marquez, and 3. Marquez seems stronger than Pacquiao now. I started jumping off the couch when it happened (unfortunately right now I have sprained ribs and rotator cuff, so that wasn’t a good idea). Even the first knockdown by Marquez, was a good shot, it even looked like Marquez himself was shocked. It was a great war, and a tremendous KO. I cant wait to watch it again.


    • I totally agree. It was a really exciting fight and Pacquiao did catch Marquez once or twice but he looks like he’s aged very quickly in the past few fights, whereas Marquez is older but much fresher. Your number three is an observation that a lot of people seem to be making now, he does seem stronger than ever and punching harder. I think Marquez fought the smartest of all the fights against Manny in addition to landing the perfect punch.


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