Pacquiao-Marquez IV-Ever?

You heard right.  Pacquiao and Marquez are fighting again.  This fight promises to be just as controversial as the others with Pacquiao fans insisting more fervently than ever that Marquez will be knocked out, Marquez fans insisting he’s been robbed of his rightful victory three times.  So the chances of seeing the over-postponed Mayweather-Pacquiao match are diminishing faster every minute and it looks as if Bob Arum would be content to sign Pacquiao-Marquez V and VI if the fighters’ faces hold together.  Will we be doomed to witness the same sad stalemate play out again and again like some pay-per-view purgatory while interesting fights slip away? Only if the next installment is competitive.  Check out my Fight Predictions Page for my take.

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