Donaire Rising

In the main event last night Nonito Donaire reassured the boxing world, again, that he is everything he claims to be.  Rather than being somewhat reckless and attempting to draw his opponent in with showboating and an open defense as he did for his last fight, Donaire landed precision shots and kept himself out of harm’s way for about nine rounds.  His very competent opponent, Nishioka, was much too defense-minded, pinning his right hand to his cheekbone out of fear of Donaire’s infamous left hook.  Thoroughly dominated, Nishioka was finally knocked down twice, and when he was unable to restore his defensive posture the referee stepped in before Donaire could do any more damage.  I think boxing fans need to accept that Pacquiao has been supplanted by a greater Filipino talent.  Sure, Pacquiao is still very impressive and near his prime, but he has certainly begun his decline.  Donaire is effortlessly moving through naturally heavier fighters with substantial resumes and shows no signs of slowing.

For me the top fighters right now are (in no particular order past Mayweather):

Mayweather, Ward, Alvarez, Donaire, Pacquiao, and Martinez.

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