Adamek Answers the Critics Again

Tomasz Adamek has been at a lower level of notoriety ever since his destruction by Vitali Klitschko. The fight was still one of the Klitschko brothers’ most competitive fights and certainly one of the bravest performances seen in boxing in recent years, Adamek giving up an almost unimaginable advantage in weight, height, reach and power. Looking back though, the guys he’s beaten already make him one of the greatest heavyweights of this era by far. With his size disadvantage and willingness to take on the largest, strongest and most skilled fighters in the world, Adamek’s practically a Polish Mike Tyson.
His wins against enormous fighters like Golota and McBride showcased his incredible talent and almost unbelievable power for his size. He wiped the floor with the mammoth Cris Arreola who had recently been at the top of the heavyweight ranks, and solidly defeated “Fast” Eddie Chambers, who has been one of the few decent American heavyweights in the past decade. And once again today Adamek gave boxing fans what they crave most, the way only a boxing legend can. Utilizing every bit of his enormous heart and iron chin, Adamek got up off the canvas after taking a devastating shot in the opening seconds of round two against the American Travis Walker. Unstable for only a moment, Adamek maneuvered himself into better position until, in the final moments of the round, he nearly decapitated the much larger opponent and then demonstrated his unparalleled heavyweight punching accuracy until the bell. Barely winded, Adamek continued his dominance through the fifth round when American Travis Walker left a small opening in his defense that allowed Adamek to wield his full destructive force, targeting Walker’s head and pummeling him until the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Fight fans might overlook this fighter given the dominance of the Klitschkos, and, not to say that the brothers don’t deserve their stature, I hope the boxing world recognizes the caliber of fighter who rarely makes it onto a pay per view card, but puts on a timeless performance every time.

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