History Repeats Itself

Boxing managed to pull off another unusual result, contradicting expectations and altering the future of the sport, again. I have to say this is exactly what I meant when I said something peculiar would probably happen. Lopez was the underdog against Victor Ortiz and the fight between Ortiz and Saul Alvarez was practically signed. Ortiz fought a brutal, warrior’s fight, engaging with Lopez often. I still say Ortiz has a great chin for the division, one of the best. His past failures have not, in my opinion, been a result of succumbing to the impact of punches, and last night was no different. Somewhere in the melee Ortiz took a punch that broke his jaw, and though he had been very competitive up until that point, possibly even winning, he had to quit on his stool for the second time in a major fight after that round. Nobody would confuse Victor Ortiz for Muhammad Ali, don’t get me wrong, nor would they confuse Josesito Lopez with Ken Norton. We didn’t expect Ortiz to pull off a superhuman feat in the face of that type of injury, but that’s just it. How would fans know? Fans know because of the times he’s been defeated in the past, times where, maybe nobody could expect more, but people were surprised that he didn’t continue. The fights against Maidana and Mayweather, just like last night’s fight against Lopez, showed me that Ortiz really does have a hell of a chin, maybe for any weight class. He just doesn’t have much heart.

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