More Ortiz, Please.

Tonight Victor Ortiz will have the chance to make his potential fight with Saul Alvarez much more real.  He’ll be up against Josesito Lopez who, while impressive, is not considered to be at the same level as Ortiz.  I am more than excited to see the two fights battling for the Mexican Independence Day weekend slot, Ortiz-Alvarez probably being the one I look forward to most.  The other possible fight, Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., is also intriguing.  Chavez looked great against the inept Andy Lee, as well he should, and Martinez is dying for a worthy opponent.  It would be a tough fight for both guys because of Martinez’ skill and Chavez’ size.  Personally, I’ve been predicting the exposure of Chavez since he first started getting hype, but it remains to be seen if he has what it takes to move up in weight and take the belt from Martinez. Putting aside boxing fans’ fantasies of an action-packed brawl to the finish between Alvarez and Ortiz, Lopez could be a substantial obstacle if Ortiz isn’t on top of his game.  Many times in the past fans have been mystified by Ortiz’ ability to fall short of greatness as he did against Maidana and Mayweather.  If anything like that happens tonight, Ortiz won’t be getting a fight with Alvarez, and he’ll probably start to fall off the radar given the state of the division and the dissolution of the epic rematch with Berto.  This is one of those fights where something peculiar could drastically alter the future of multiple fighters and, with the way things have been going in boxing lately, something peculiar is almost sure to happen.

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