Adamek-Chambers, Chavez-Lee

The match between Tomasz Adamek and Eddie Chambers was more active and competitive than many might have anticipated. Chambers apparently injured his left arm early on but defended himself well enough to make many of the rounds close. Seeing competitive heavyweight fights is refreshing and both are still impressive athletes despite their demolition by the Klitschkos.

The same cannot be said of Andy Lee, the Irishman trained by Emanuel Steward, in his fight against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The match was mercifully waved off  in an unusual moment of sympathy by Steve Smoger in the seventh round after Chavez toyed with Lee for almost three rounds.  Chavez started slowly, throwing only 8 punches by CompuBox count in the first round. This allowed Lee to use his one professional grade weapon: range. He stood far enough way to pelt Chavez with weak jabs for a couple rounds before Chavez realized he could taunt, drop his hands and burrow in, head down, without significant retaliation. I saw Lee in his Friday Night Fights television debut where he fought in his signature style, acting as if he were more capable than he was, and then disappointing everyone who had heard the hype by being dismantled as soon as he tried to really fight. I tricked myself into being excited for the fight because Lee is an Irishman, and because of the close relationship between Steward and the fighter. I thought, he must have something special to warrant his interest. The truth is, though, Lee has been out of his element in almost every fight I’ve seen him in, excluding the McEwan fight where he faced an opponent who neither moved his head nor had great power. Lee has been baffling viewers with the contrast between his performance and his reputation since he first appeared on ESPN years ago. I’m the first one to root for an Irishman, but Lee’s physique tells the story. He’s a very wiry, upright fighter, who can’t jab or deter his opponent with a cross. His defense is low quality and his reflexes are all but useless. Chavez got another perfect opponent in Lee, and I really doubt he is as eager as he claims to fight Martinez. If they do fight, I don’t think Chavez’ natural size and progressively more intimidating body combinations will be able to stand up the Martinez arsenal.

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