Fighting Past the Finish Line

Based on what happened last weekend in two sensational bouts, boxing fans are no more concerned with the future of the two competitors who won than they are with those who lost.  Many are urging retirement for both fighters and yet many are also clamoring for more.  Especially the impressive showing by Miguel Cotto has supporters demanding a swan song from the Puerto Rican star, asserting that his performance against Mayweather signifies great things for the fighter.  Personally, I agree that the fight against Mayweather was indeed the crowning achievement on an already legendary career, but I don’t think Cotto’s retirement would be a tragedy.  The only opponents I can see being interesting against Cotto now are Martinez and Alvarez.  It would be interesting to see just how good those two rising stars really are.

Mosley did a lot better Saturday night than a lot of people give him credit for, especially when those people are boxing writers.  I think as much as people focused on Cotto’s impressive showing that night, they overlooked the development that Alvarez showed.  Fighting like he did, I don’t see a blown-up middleweight like Chavez Jr. giving Alvarez  much trouble, but fans of Chavez disagree.  In other words, both these guys did well against fantastically strong opponents, if Mosley was somewhat less impressive.  What do we want from them now?  For them to sacrifice themselves on the altar of the squared circle in order to prove some stubborn compulsion to fight past the finish line?

All the fighters from last weekend’s event gave the fans everything they could ask for and more. Maybe the roaring crowds will let them rest now without criticism once the dust settles.  Seeing either of them in the ring again would be a privilege, but seeing them move on before it’s too late would be too.

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