Cinnamon and Sugar: An Explosive Combination?

Everybody is so hyped about the upcoming Cotto-Mayweather fight that the undercard is getting less attention than it should.  I’m excited for the main event, too; I want to see Cotto put on a performance he can be proud of at the end of an inspiring career.  But what about the guy Mayweather fought not too long ago, the guy taking on a young, capable rising star?  Shane Mosley has been more than a gatekeeper in the division since the beginning of his career.  Now, one of the most challenging opponents he’s ever faced will be trying to do what Mosley and many others have failed to do: Cotto has to beat Floyd Mayweather.  Mosley has his own worthy challenge that evening, however, where he’ll face new Mexican star Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.  Alvarez brings a lot to the ring including impressive power, speed and boxing ability.  So how is this chapter in welterweight history going to end?  I’m just as interested in seeing the dawn of a new era as I am in seeing the end of a glorious career.  All these fighters are top quality.  Let’s hope they all come prepared May 5th.

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