Pacquiao and Bradley

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2 thoughts on “Pacquiao and Bradley

  1. Should be a shoot out. Both are fighters. Have to give Bradley credit for his willingness to fight and his heart, but that’s also his weakness-too much heart. Bradley tends to get carried away often and leaves himself open to counters like when he got caught against Holt years back. Pacquiao can catch him in an exchange as he did against Cotto, Hatton, and Marquez in the second fight.

    Considering Pacman is a little faster and alot stronger, I’d give it to Pacquiao, but by decision, although wouldn’t be surprised by a knock down or two ( with Pacman the one standing).


  2. He may have been too aggressive against Holt and you’re right that the habit would be even more destructive against Pacquiao. I think he’ll dial back the aggression in this fight pretty early though. Bradley’s fast but he tends to throw shots from one place, which works to Pacquiao’s advantage.


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