Possibly the best fight of 2012 on the rocks.

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To anyone who follows boxing, this story is very interesting.

February 11th, 2012 was the scheduled date for the re-match fight between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto. The memorable first fight these two had with each other took place in April 2011 with Ortiz getting the decision from the judges.

If you watched that fight, you will remember the sixth round especially. It was a slug fest and both fighters got knocked down onto their backs in that round. In total, both fighters got knocked down twice but were capable of getting back up on their feet. It is no wonder that a rematch was set after Victor Ortiz lost his big shot versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. back in September 2011. In the same month,  Andre Berto rebounded with a win against Dejan Zavec.

It was announced yesterday,

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  1. Going to be interesting


  2. Yeah, I’m just really disappointed in the Mayweather matchup. I would rather see Ortiz-Mayweather II. Cotto has been a potential opponent for Mayweather from the beginning but everyone thought he needed time to develop. Years later we see that he’s hit his peak and started to decline from accumulated punishment–and now he fights Mayweather? It’s a sad joke.


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