Putting the “Ring” in Boring

Boxing has been experiencing an uneventful period since sometime in December when fights like Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson were at least inspiring some controversy. Since then the most interesting news has been Mayweather calling Pacquiao on the phone and Khan trying to get a mandatory rematch. I really respected Lamont Peterson’s approach to the likely biased decision in his favor over Khan. He agreed to fight Khan again and seemed confident in his ability to beat him. After seeing the fight, I actually hoped he would retract that offer because Khan can probably win on points if they fight again, and I want nothing more than to see Khan’s inflated reputation cut down to size by a decision loss–objective or biased . However, Khan apparently got his mandatory rematch from the officials and Peterson is now trying to appeal the decision.
If you’re going to throw that offer out there in the first place, the dedication to pursue an appeal process to avoid the fight later seems downright cowardly. If the decision had never been made and Peterson pursued other options rather than sign the rematch, as I said, I’d have called it a calculated move that would probably have served him well. At this point, though, Peterson is just setting up the role he’ll play when the match is made. The hometown fighter who got lucky. Khan will be more than happy to capitalize on the judges’ perception and Peterson’s lacking confidence.
As far as the Pacquiao-Mayweather Blame Game Show, I think this viewer is tuning out. Now that Arum has been identified as the impediment, the previous speculation about who was scared of whom is immaterial. At the same time, Mayweather’s call to Pacquiao apparently consisted of insults and challenges but no room for compromise. Why Mayweather feels it’s prudent or necessary financially to demand more than a 50-50 split is beyond me. Pacquiao, for the time being, is the biggest draw out there next to Mayweather. If Mayweather wants to maximize the potential of the fight and the competition, and therefore the profits, he needs to make the fight. It sounds as if he could have done a lot to facilitate that during his phone call. Mayweather wants the fight but won’t be reasonable, Pacquiao sort of wants the fight but can’t speak for himself and Arum is gonna stick his fat splotchy face in the middle of the deal every chance he gets. I think we’re getting to the point where the fight either won’t ever happen, or won’t be between the athletic titans we know today.
Even ESPN’s Friday Night Fights has been like watching paint dry since the season premiere. Fans may have to wait until the Ortiz-Berto rematch for some real action.

In amateur news, the Freret Street Gym in New Orleans is moving to Oretha Castle Haley Blvd and will be featured in a reality show currently in production. I’m considering going back for my rematch that I was cheated out of in September.

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