Teddy Atlas Returns

The “breaking news” on ESPN.com shows that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has postponed his jail sentence until June 2012 to allow him to compete in his previously set May 5th bout, though the opponent is still undecided.  If anything, it’s good news for fans who want to see Mayweather again soon, before a layoff.  Also, tonight is the season premiere of ESPN Friday Night Fights.  I’m looking forward to adding to my Teddy Atlas Quotations group on Facebook.  Even if the fights are less than thrilling, you can always count on Teddy to entertain.

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2 thoughts on “Teddy Atlas Returns

  1. yo you got some great stuff on your blog bro!.. I’m new to this blogging stuff!!.. still need to sort out my profile and stuff like that!.. but yours is awesome!.. keep it up ima follow all your updates!


  2. Thanks man, your theme is really cool and I love the combination of self-analysis and training practices with commentary on the big news for the pros. I might start adopting some of those workout routines and I’ll definitely keep reading.


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