Arum Aims Lower Again

Earlier this year fans were disappointed to hear the news that despite Floyd Mayweather Jr. setting an open date for May 5, 2012, Bob Arum and Pacquiao’s team would be pursuing a fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. Foregoing any speculation about who impeded the completion of the agreement, it’s clear that fans’ hopes of a megafight for May 5th were permanently shattered with the news of Mayweather’s 90-day jail sentence. Now, with everyone feeling they’re settling for less with the forthcoming Marquez-Pacquiao rematch, Arum announces four possible opponents for Pacquiao. Turns out things aren’t finalized with Marquez for some reason, and the team is including Miguel Cotto, Lamont Peterson and Tim Bradley in its consideration for an opponent. Lamont Peterson’s recent successful fluke against undertalented Amir Khan makes for an easy target, as does Miguel Cotto’s well-deserved and long overdue destruction of Antonio Margarito.  While Cotto’s success was encouraging, no one argues that he has improved so much that he should challenge a fighter whose punishment nearly matched that dealt by Margarito (with the help of illegal plaster in his wraps) for the second time.  Tim Bradley might be the most mystifying of all the choices in the assortment.  With no substantial demonstration of his purported talent on the record, Bradley would only be interesting against Pacquiao in that he might finally be stopped while trying to bully his opponent with his forehead.  I think fans can agree that the inclusion of these three other possible opponents is only another disappointment from boxing’s biggest enemy within its ranks: Bob Arum.  We just have to hope the Marquez fight is made and the redundant fight will at least offer some entertaining exchanges.

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