Justice is Restored, Repeat Brawl on Horizon

December 13 was set as the date for the California State Athletic Commission to make a ruling on Bernard Hopkins’ recent controversial bout with Chad Dawson. As expected, the CSAC ruled that the injury was caused by a foul and therefore the fight was a no-contest decision. The fight was a dramatic failure due in no small part to the $60 price tag which no one had expected to pay for a Bernard Hopkins fight, much less a Chad Dawson match. This reversal helps assuage the fans whose bank accounts were robbed by this farce and also makes for a legitimate rematch and potential champion. I would be interested to see the up-and-comer Lucian Bute give Hopkins a shot after how unimpressive Chad Dawson was, no to mention what a bad sport he was. Overall, I think Hopkins’ dedication to his physical condition and to boxing are a credit to the sport. This fighter has helped to prove to the rest of the world what an “old man” can do, what solid fundamentals can do, and what really knowing boxing is all about.

The recent headlines have also featured Victor Ortiz as he prepares for his rematch with Andre Berto. Their first fight was sensational, full of action and a candidate for fight of the year. Ortiz’ success was the springboard he needed for a fight with Mayweather. He may have been getting ahead of himself with Mayweather, but the Berto fight is an appropriate one. While Berto is no superstar, he’s solid all around and Ortiz will have to work to be competitive. If their first fight is any indication, and I think it was, Berto-Ortiz II will be a real brawl with at least one knockdown. If the welterweight division wasn’t good enough already, the B+ level fighters are now becoming their own attraction. With the two fighters’ size, strength and the ? marks being posed about Saul Alvarez, I could be interested in seeing the winner fight Alvarez.

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