An-Phony-O Marga-Cheat-O

Tonight legions of fans’ beliefs were affirmed in the 9-round destruction of Antonio Margarito by Miguel Cotto. Cotto looked sharp and fast in the early rounds as he did in the first fight, but with the significant strategy modification of avoiding exchanges with his back to the ropes. For twenty-seven minutes, Cotto kept his distance from the ropes, kept his feet moving and kept his left hook in Margarito’s pathetic right eye. In round two we got to see some crimson start to flow and from the crowd response it was clear who the fans wanted to see win. The doctor consulted with Margarito for the second time at the conclusion of round 9 and determined that, from the accumulated swelling, Margarito had no vision in his right eye. The fight was stopped and with no cuts or major damage to his face, Miguel Cotto was declared the winner by Technical Knock Out. The post-fight interview was no more flattering than the fight results for Margarito, as he claimed Cotto’s punches never hurt and that he indeed still “hit like a girl.” Cotto, on the other hand, stared down Margarito as he sat, defeated, on his stool. In Cotto’s interview, he said that Margarito meant nothing to him and that he was glad to be done with him. Max Kellerman asked Cotto what was next for him, but was answered only in generic terms, that Cotto deserved a long rest, after which he would start thinking boxing again. Indeed. Congratulations to the true winner, the true athlete. I could wish to see him retire, though Cotto looked so good tonight I wouldn’t blame him for taking a fight or two more. Goodbye, Margarito, you cheating disgrace.

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