Alvarez Defeats Cintron

In an important Junior Middleweight bout tonight Saul Alvarez defeated Kermit Cintron.  Cintron recently set a punch record for the weight class for jabs in a single round but against Alvarez was unable to make use of his arsenal in the same way.  The skilled Alvarez fought at a three-inch height disadvantage and one-inch reach advantage, but showed his superior speed and technical ability against the veteran.  Max Kellerman offered the insight that “one of the problems is that Alvarez is the better counter-puncher,” not to mention the physically bigger fighter.  Retreating to a Cotto-like crouch in round four, Cintron inevitably took a series of vicious overhand rights.  Going down about halfway through that round, he regained his composure only to look even more battered and beaten, collapsing into the ropes as the bell rang.  Seemingly a single flush right hand at the end of round five inspired the referee to stop the fight with only eight seconds left.  Quick stoppage or not, the outcome of the fight was clear to everyone by that point.  The fight served as a publicity boost for a potential fight with Chavez Jr.

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2 thoughts on “Alvarez Defeats Cintron

  1. Alvarez definitely did a number on Cintron. He also did come in as the natually bigger fighter. I thought Cintron might’ve lasted until at least the sixth, but Canelo definitely made quick work of him. I’m not sure if you saw the post fight where he said he wants Mayweather, but I definitely think it should be a match against Chavez Jr first. Both are young and undefeated. Although I’m still praying for a Mayweather/Pacquiao match, it would be good to see one of these younger guys try to fight Money May. The Ortiz fight was a joke.


  2. Yeah I actually didn’t see Alvarez calling out Mayweather, I just read about it. It didn’t shock me really Alvarez seems like he’d call anybody out just for the attention. I can see how everyone is primed for a fight with Chavez Jr. but personally I think Chavez-Alvarez will be boring. I think the only good thing about the fight would be that it would convince more people that Chavez is going nowhere and others that Alvarez has a bright future. I don’t really need to see the fight to know that Alvarez is the better boxer. I’m not sure why everyone thinks he’s so vulnerable, he hasn’t shown it yet. It’s clear that he shouldn’t be in the ring with Mayweather or anyone on that level, but I think he looks solid in all the right places. He just needs to avoid precision fighters who won’t be dissuaded by his combinations and power. Taking fights out of his league this early in his career, though, could lead to Alvarez’ decline. He should be looking at the multitude of other marketable opponents (who don’t land 70% of their punches) in and around his division. He could easily be a big name fighter long before he has to accept defeat against a timeless technician like Mayweather. Once he does, it’s all downhill from there.


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