Saul Alvarez – Kermit Cintron

Tonight Mexico’s champion Saul Alvarez faces Puerto Rico’s Kermit Cintron in a fight that not many expect to be competitive.  Ever since Alvarez’ only mildly impressive wins against Alfonso Gomez and Ryan Rhodes boxing analysts have been forecasting the revelation that Canelo is not invincible.  While I agree, I think the abrupt about-face is a premature judgment.  Not only are Alvarez’ less impressive wins still representative of his talent, but I believe the hype surrounding his early fights was well founded.  His style and his commitment to technical boxing makes his future bright.  Think about it.  If you were taking a step up in class and wanted to be smart about it, would you stifle better judgment and engage in unnecessary slugfests? I doubt most fighters would.  Kermit Cintron has never much impressed me, though his performance against Paul Williams did expose some of William’s weaknesses.  I think even though Cintron is a legitimate gatekeeper in his division, Alvarez will continue in his recent style, impressing the crowd in spurts and staying conservative.  Though his armor is not impenetrable, Alvarez is showing solid mental focus, an important second line of defense.  Tonight I expect more of the same, with Cintron looking as disappointed and as dissatisfied as he has at the conclusion of all his recent upper-level bouts.  The clash won’t change much in the division but it will help to clear up the question that so many analysts have been obliged to raise about Alvarez: Does he really deserve his hype?

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