Frazier Finally at Peace

Joe Frazier died recently.  He was one of the greatest boxers, athletes and icons of any era.  He was known for an inhuman and insurmountable will, an iron chin, and heart like no one before or since.  He fought an assortment of some of the most impressive athletes in boxing including George Foreman, Jerry Quarry, Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Ellis, George Chuvalo and others.  He changed boxing and helped sustain the sport I love.  It’s a shame to see him go, but maybe slightly less than the shame of how he lived.  So bitter was he about the trash talking and final result of his third bout with Ali that he lived a life of anger and disappointment when he should have celebrated his place in that singular era in sports.  Though he is known for his dislike of Muhammad Ali, my primary source for this information is the documentary “Thrilla in Manilla,” which may or may not be accurate.  I hope it’s not, because to me, Frazier was a heroic icon who will be unique to the boxing world for all time.  Whether Ali had apologized for his actions or not, I hope they both lived to celebrate their status as living legends, and now, beyond that stage of the journey, I hope Joe Frazier is at peace.

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