Ricky Hatton has been one of my favorite fighters since I saw him put the much larger Jose Luis Castillo down with a body shot, hopping and skipping the whole fight so his short arms could get into range for another wild melee.  Hatton later went on to be defeated in his traumatic losses to Mayweather and Pacquiao.  Since then Hatton’s ambitions for his own career have grown smaller while his waistline has grown larger, but he seems content enough now training and promoting.  I guess that was all just a preface to justify my question about a fighter who isn’t exactly a headliner anymore.  Actually, I think it was Zach Johnson who first suggested it, but it came up again the other day, with the impending Pacquiao-Marquez III fight on our minds.  Wouldn’t Hatton-Marquez have been a great no quit, all brawl confrontation?  Hypothetically, this would be a time before Hatton’s debilitating loss to Manny Pacquiao, possibly even before his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr.  The ravages of age would be similarly lessened on Marquez, and both fighters would be near their prime.  I doubt many people are interested, but I’m gonna analyze it anyway.  Marquez is obviously the better technical fighter and his counterpunching ability would be hell for Hatton, but he never had the hand speed that Hatton did.  And I’m not sure anyone knew better than Hatton how to work the inside, when the referee allowed him to do it in his own rough and tumble style.  So anyway, what do you think?

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