The Fair and Square Circle

These guys don’t even exclusively cover boxing like all the “experts” who can’t help themselves when it comes to the Mayweather controversy, yet its the best analysis I’ve seen.  Caught up in the fervor of the moment, I weighed in with my own lack of insight, but sometimes other people say what you’re feeling better than you do.  They acknowledge that the win felt dirty, they acknowledge the kiss on the cheek, they even acknowledge that Cortez confused everybody by bringing the fighters together, then turning to confer with the judges after what should have been a cut and dry penalty.  Those are the key pieces in the puzzle.  The other element that had been missing from the post-fight commentary, all the blogging and arguing was a description of what the discussion was actually meant to achieve.  Closure? This isn’t some adolescent girl whose boyfriend slept with someone prettier, we’re boxing fans who were incensed and confused by a brutally unsatisfying conclusion to a wildly anticipated fight.  So what is it we want? Well, I think these guys hit it on the head (no pun intended).

Forget the “cardinal rule.” “Protect yourself at all times,” is just a phrase.  The only approach that makes sense is to put things in perspective: what if another fighter did the same thing? If everyone in the ring was to blame, then aren’t we just deciding who deserves it the most? Well, addressing the second question first, hell yeah we are!  We want to say “you all messed up but somebody must be the root cause.”  And again, just like the commentators in this analysis, I would say the most logical hierarchy is:

Joe Cortez–you’re an incompetent referee who could use some practice before being responsible for another big fight.

Floyd.  Floyd, Floyd, Floyd.  What are we gonna do with you? You know Ortiz was watching the ref, you coulda waited a second.  You rascal.

Victor Ortiz–damn, dude.  Who touches gloves a third time after kissing the guy on the cheek? And who jumps headfirst into a guy’s jaw in the middle of a combination anyway?

In this case, I see Ortiz as the worst of the three.  So, if another fighter did the same, then what? Well…that’s a more interesting question.  One guy here suggests that had it been Floyd, the judges would refuse to accept the result and restart the fight.  That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but hey, these guys seem to have some insight that a lot of boxing fans like the author of this blog did not.

Bottom line is, yeah, Ortiz, we understand that the ref was distracting you and Floyd sort of appeared to be  up for more reconciliation at first.  Still, no fighter can be excused from the consequences of not holding their hands up.  And really, everybody knows your headbutt was at least as bad as the “sucker punch”–maybe if Mayweather had collapsed after the headbutt Cortez would have started counting him out, too.  You didn’t even get up.  You lost.

The punch was fair–it wasn’t during a separation by the ref, it wasn’t before or after the bell.

Both the right and the left landed perfectly square on your jaw.

That’s fair and square.

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