Ortiz-Maidana, Ortiz-Berto Rematch

Recently I was debating the future of fighter Victor Ortiz with a fellow boxing enthusiast.    As the next opponent set up in front of pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ortiz likely has an insurmountable defeat in front of him.  Though he is a solid fighter with an eye-catching style, every boxer must “rebound” from spotlight losses.  This reality poses the question: how will he do this after the fight with Mayweather?  Well, it made sense to consider possible opponents and career options for Ortiz after what we expect to be a challenging defeat.  Our attention fell on two of his past opponents with whom he produced high energy fireworks, but had very different results in each fight.  If Ortiz were to lose to Mayweather on September 17 and then sign a rematch with either Andre Berto or Marcos Maidana, we would get to see a great fight.  Even though Ortiz did much better against Berto than he did Maidana, Ortiz managed knockdowns against both opponents.  In my opinion, the better fight to take for his legacy, the better fight for the fans, is Maidana-Ortiz 2.  If he wins, he proves he’s progressed whereas beating Berto again may not restore as much of his reputation.   He bled in that fight and some say he gave in, but I think he might actually have been too disoriented to demonstrate any readiness to fight. I say Maidana-Ortiz 2 spells action.

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